Security for Commercial Property

Go up to any local business and ask if they have security. Most folks get the mental image of a guard standing out front. Security represents different things to different people. You can have guards and alarm systems. Security can mean better locks or a surveillance system. Cameras and video monitoring are also forms of commercial security. Here in North Royalton, OH, we have thousands of local businesses ranging from dog groomers to hotels and everything in between. Each firm needs its own unique security measures and one sure fire way to get these is to work with a local commercial locksmith.

Why a business needs security

As a local business owner or operator, it is your responsibility to protect your business including its customers, staff, premises, inventory and guests. This is a tall order and not easy to fulfill all by oneself. An experienced and certified business lock professional will be able to look over your operation and help you choose the right hardware and security options for your particular needs and budget. One thing about every business is that it either sells a product or it provides a service. This obviously involves people in the form of customers, employees and vendors. Fortunately, there are locks, hardware and related products for every business in existence today; bar none! This obviously extends beyond having a simple lock on the front door. Here at North Royalton Locksmith we are a local business ourselves. As such we offer some insight into the locksmith security needs for businesses in general.

Safes and vaults

A great way to secure cash, software, gems, and other valuables is to add them to a safe or vault. This safe can be in plain sight or hidden in the floor. It may be built into the wall or even located behind or under a desk or cabinet. If your business deals with cash, documents or files of importance, having a safe can greatly enhance your overall security and protection.

Contrary to popular opinion, it does not make you a target – that’s only in the movies where professional thieves and government spies quickly and easily pick open your safe and abscond with your valuables.

High security locks

Most locks including commercial ones are easy to bump open, pick open, or even smash open. Not so the high security ones! These locks are built solidly with steel and brass parts that are precision made and constructed so that they are virtually unable to be bypassed at all! These unique locks can’t even be shot open; yes, they are that good. Expecting a high price for this kind of quality? High security locks are surprisingly affordable and come in a variety of sizes and models.

Deadbolt locks

These simple locks do wonders for keeping unwanted intruders out of your business. If a strongly built, well-installed deadbolt is present, most intruders will not try and bypass it. Once your main lock is picked or destroyed, the trusty deadbolt is now to be faced. This will take time and most intruders will not risk the business owner calling police or arming himself and will simply move on. If it’s after-hours and the business is closed, a deadbolt can still be a formidable security item especially when coupled with an alarm system and security cameras.

Video surveillance

Video plays a huge part in modern day commercial security. You don’t have to be a high end jewelry store or bank to make use of CCTV cameras and video surveillance. Thousands of local businesses already use it. These firms range from gas stations to storage unit rentals. Fake video cameras were all the rage once but with a little shopping around and by working with a good commercial locksmith, you can install and use the “real thing” and provide your business location with a plethora of security and peace of mind through video surveillance and monitoring, all for an affordable price.


Biometrics is just another fancy name for fingerprint locks. This technology is fast growing and finding more and more commercial adherents as time goes by. This is because it is becoming more affordable and is now used in everything from smart phone security and identification to government access control systems. You can even find fingerprint locks on commercial safes, pin code locks, deadbolts, mortise locks, keypad devices and card readers.

Commercial access control systems

Access control is a term used for controlling access to certain parts of a building or commercial location. This can be for customers, staff and visitors. This access can be controlled by locks, signs, security hardware, surveillance cameras, keypad devices and other similar technology. Anytime you see a bank teller punch in a number sequence to gain access to the bank vault or safety deposit area, you are seeing a form of access control.

Panic bars

Panic bars provide convenience as well as security features. You simply lean on these spring loaded metal bars that are installed horizontally across back doors. This action not only unlocks the door, it opens it as well. Panic bars almost always have no door knob on the other side of the exit door. This is because the purpose of the panic bar is to provide ease of use and speed in exiting the building and if shoppers or customers had to face oncoming walk-in traffic, they would be slowed down and the foot traffic flow would be impeded. You can find panic bars in local businesses all over town including movie theaters, restaurants, banks, jewelry stores, gas stations, home improvement stores, laundromats and hundreds more.

Other services

There are so many additional commercial locksmith services, hardware options, and enhancements that can be made easily and affordably to your local business. We invite you to research these further by calling your favorite commercial locksmiths and inquiring about master key systems, 24-hour emergency service, bump proof commercial locks, rekey and change-out services, peephole installations, security upgrades, and dozens more! Your local business is your livelihood; treat it to the best in commercial locksmith service and you can reap the benefits for years to come.